About us…

We joined doTERRA in July 2015 and have not looked back! Sophie was looking for a business opportunity to work from home while she home educates our children (we also have a daughter who was asleep so not in this picture!). We both soon fell in love with the products, having a profound increase in energy and vitality after taking the amazing supplements, and also with our family’s individual health issues. We are now on a mission to tell everyone about the amazing benefits of doTERRA’s products and we love helping others removing barriers, whether health or financial, to then reach their potential.

We have 19 years experience in direct sales and currently have a global team that is growing every day! In our team we have nutritionists, aromatherapists, sports massage therapists, yoga teachers, fitness instructors and mums and dads just like us who want to help others increase their health and wellness, and also earn a great residual income so we can spend more time doing the things we love and more time with our families!