Sleeping, restful children… naturally

Ensuring our children get a full and quality night’s sleep is crucial for their development and often, let’s be honest, our sanity too. We are a co-sleeping family, and so if our son has a restless night, then there are 3 of us who have a restless night, so we have found using essential oils not only helps him to settle and have a good night’s sleep, they are also calming and relaxing for our older daughter too.

There are some lovely oils and blends that we love to use as a family to help us all get a better night’s sleep. The first one that probably springs to mind is lavender (which is not my favourite oil, by the way).¬†About a year ago, one of my friends tried Lavender for her own sleep. Here is what she says:

“One drop of doTERRA Lavender oil popped on my pillow at bed time has really helped to got back a normal sleep pattern. I knew my quality of sleep was poor and was horrified when I saw how bad it actually was from my Fitbit. I used it regularly for several months and saw a huge improvement. It’s always on my bedside table just in case! I was able to recommend it also to my elderly father who was having restless nights and I know that it has helped him no end too.”

I love hearing success stories, and it really helped her improve not only her sleep, but it was lifechanging and she was also able to share that and pass it on to family members, which is what makes doTERRA so great.

Now, you saw that I said that Lavender is not my favourite oil… No idea why, I love it in Lavender Lemonade, and doTERRA’s Lavender, which comes from Bulgaria, is the best-smelling Lavender I have experienced, but there is something about Lavender that gets up my nose, so what we actually use is Serenity, also known as the Calming Blend, so help soothe and calm all of us. Serenity is a mix of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vanilla¬†Bean, and to me, smells a whole lot nicer than Lavender on its own… More recently, I have also been adding Vetiver essential oil to it, because Lavender is supposed to help you get off to sleep, and Vetiver is an oil that helps promote deeper, more prolonged sleep.

Here is a great, 90-second video that will give you more ideas for oils you can use to support your children in their sleep. Remember – you may need to try different oils to get it right for each child, everyone is different after all!


You can diffuse the oils in your child’s bedroom – make sure you have a diffuser and not an oil burner, as a diffuser does not heat up, and will turn off if accidentally knocked over. Also, with most diffusers, you can use them as a night light, or turn off the light and some have time settings so you can have it diffusing for 2, 4 or 6 hours. During winter months, we will actually also diffuse OnGuard overnight as well to help boost their immunity against winter nasties too… In addition to diffusing, you can also dilute the essential oils into a carrier oil, and either put it in a rollerball and rub on their feet before bed, or one thing I love to do is to give a quick massage to your baby or child before they go to sleep – great bonding experience, and a lovely way to get ready to visit the land of nod!

In the spirit of sharing, if you know of any friends that need to hear this, then please share this with them… and if you are ready to jump in and get started with essential oils for you and your family, get in touch with me.

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